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Meet Dr. Justin Perish

How did a junior high school teacher become a chiropractor?

Dr. Justin Perish

Dr. Justin Perish

I think many of us, during our formative years, go through a period of increased anxiety and confusion while trying to discover who we really are and what our purpose on this planet really is. I am no exception. I knew I was put on this blue marble of a planet for a reason. I always had a desire to make a difference. It was the late 1960s, like many of my classmates my future was filled with uncertainty. I had a need to save the world. And what better way than to become a teacher! I graduated from the University of Minnesota and began my profession as a science instructor in a Catholic school . Quickly I became involved with curriculum design and development for the entire archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul and two years later became a science curriculum designer for St. Paul Public Schools. Soon I felt that was not doing enough and decided to remodel old homes during my spare time, while preparing for the Medical College Apptidue Test in preparation to apply for medical school. During my forth summer break, while remodeling an old Victorian house, I lost my footing while in a twisted position carrying a piece of sheetrock. I had instant pain followed by crippling numbness into my low back, hip and leg. The following day I was unable to get out of bed. A truly frightening experience. That is when I discovered Chiropractic!

Chiropractic Education

Within one year I was enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Upon graduation I practiced in Southern Minnesota, in Wabasha, Minnesota; home of the movie Grumpy Old Men. That is when I met a young woman by the name of Maggie, who later became my wife! After 5 years of practice, we decided it was time to become Texans, ending up in Victoria, Texas. One of the lessons I have learned is that there is no reason to be stuck in a rut. To look for the sign posts that can guide our future. After our 3 kids were older, one of those sign posts called out to my wife, Maggie, to get her doctorate degree in Psychology. We then sold our practice and moved to Dallas, TX, where I continued to practice part time. Maggie began her Psychology practice and I also obtained a registered nursing degree at Hardin Simmons University. I then became a designated doctor with Texas Department of Workers Compensation, concentrating on contested cases involving both medicine and chiropractic. That spurred my interest in rehabilitation. Now another sign post has appeared. This one called me to return to my small town roots!

When I learned about Winnsboro Chiropractic Clinic, and their wonderful clients and staff, I knew the signs pointed me in the right direction. I purchased the practice in March 2015 and am excited about practicing in a tightly knit community like Winnsboro!

If you want better health starting today, call (903) 342-5261 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Perish.