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Winnsboro Chiropractic Clinic :: About Us

Unparalleled Reputation for Excellence & Quality Care

The Winnsboro Chiropractic Clinic was established in the early 1960’s. Since that time it has maintained an unparalleled reputation for excellence and quality care. We have a tradition of uncompromising service to our patients. Dr. Garland Glenn II took the helm of running the clinic in 2012 after more than 27 years international experience. In March 2015, Dr. Justin Perish purchased the practice from Dr. Glenn and will continue to carry on the tradition of caring for the health and well-being of Winnsboro residents.

Dedicated to Bringing Winnsboro the Best

Our clinic is dedicated to bringing not only the best of traditional chiropractic but also integrating the latest understanding and application of health science to patient care. Dr. Perish has, in addition to his chiropractic training, is a designated doctor with Texas Department of Workers Compensation and a registered nurse.

At Winnsboro Chiropractic Clinic, We want to Exceed your Expectations

Our purpose is to blend the very best of traditional chiropractic with the newest discoveries in health care to give our patients a quality and level of care which not only exceeds what the patient expects but simply isn’t available anywhere else.

Helping Those who no one Else Could!

Over the years we have found that most of the people who find their way to us are those that couldn’t be helped by others. We find fulfillment in our lives from helping those who no one else could.Many new patients ask, “Can you help me?” To which I always respond “If I can’t, I’ll tell you.”

If I had a magic wand when it comes to health what would I do?

I would impart to everyone the knowledge that health is their responsibility. It’s their choice. You don’t have to be a pawn in the health care game. If this approach to healthcare sounds interesting to you, than please call our Winnsboro chiropractor clinic on (903) 342-5261 today to get started.